Photographs from our Yesteryears!





Our Roots run as Deep as our Faith!

Our heritage in the Waresboro community dates back to the late 1800's. The original church building was located across the railroad tracks from its present-day site. In September 1888, the church was relocated to a new site to construct a new building. The adjacent house was purchased as a parsonage in May 1890. Sadly, in 1925, the parsonage burned down. However, the house built to replace the parsonage is still in use today.


By 1935, a larger church building was needed and the building was razed after forty-seven years of use.  The Youth Building, aka Fellowship Hall, was built in 1954. The stained-glass window in the sanctuary depicting the "Good Shepherd" was added in 1989. Today, the congregation still uses the church building constructed in 1935!


While these physical buildings are our roots that houses our faith, and provide a place for our worship; it is our faith in the saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ that we seek to share with our community of neighbors.