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Sunday, September 13

July 22, 2020


Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ,


I pray all of you are well and receiving the blessing of God on a daily basis. It has been a struggle this year. We have faced situations I never saw coming and we are still facing them. It has been a struggle for me to learn new ways to reach out to people. However, it has been a blessing to work with these tools that I have shunned in the past as a new way to do ministry.  


The reason for this email is to announce that both Waresboro UMC and Brooks UMC will reopen on August the 2nd. This comes after much prayer and thought in how to best do this. During one prayer, I realized that we may have missed a soul that needed Christ. I hope that did not happen, but it is possible. The guidelines for reopening have already been discussed. We will follow them. I want to encourage those who are not sure or feel it will not be safe to return to church to stay home. We will still have the online message as well. The church services will be shorter as hymns will not be sung. Some may be played, but we will refrain from singing. I will be marking off areas we will use in the pews. This is to insure that we follow social distancing guidelines. If I need to refine the previous guidelines or send them out again, I will do so. Again Brothers and Sisters, I can't tell you enough how much it means to me to be your pastor. I love each and everyone of you. I want to remind you if you are sick or do not feel well or even if you are just uncomfortable in returning at this time, I do understand. God understands.  Please continue to pray for me. 


Brother John

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